Lou of Lock Haven

History isn't what it used to be.

Life has the potential for great adventures, and the world has everything in the world in it. This is my story.
I live in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, and work at a library, with a freelance writing career on the side. I also run a group of teenagers, help abuse victims, and work with a team of paranormal investigators. All of this leads to some wild, interesting adventures. On the off-chance that they're interesting to anyone else, I keep this blog, recording them here.
I do try to not post unless I have something interesting to say. My blog is not one of those "OMG LOL" blogs. Sometimes, this means I post every day for a week, and sometimes once a month. I'll try to keep it entertaining.
I know that there are people out there who assume this blog is fiction. Believe me, my imagination is nowhere near good enough to make this stuff up.
Sometimes, this will be an adventure. Sometimes, it's a mystery. Sometimes, a comedy. Sometimes, it's just coping. Always, it varies. Like life.

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